Why Dubai is the Best destination for Vacations

Why Dubai is the Best destination for Vacations
19 March, 2020

Why Dubai is the Best destination for Vacations

Planning a getaway from mundane life? Dubai is the perfect place for a vacation. The city is a mosaic comprising of modern and traditional elements. You can enjoy traditional attractions in old Dubai, while at the same time experiencing the extravagant skyscrapers of the modern parts of the city.  

Trip On Go was our guide for our Dubai getaway. From locating the best hotels to finding the best vacation destinations, Trip On Go helped us plan through till the very end. Read through our journey and get a glimpse of our hassle-free trip to Dubai.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a closer look at why Dubai has been the best destination for vacations for us. 

Why Dubai is the Best destination for Vacations

Great Vacation Spot for All

Our group was full of people of different ages. So, whether you plan on going with family, friends, or by yourself, Dubai is a great place for everyone. Children, in particular, can enjoy various attractions such as theme parks like the REGA Republic or the IMG Worlds of Adventures. Moreover, they can also enjoy the aquarium and KidsZania in Dubai Mall. 

The desert safari is also a fun activity for the kids and adults to enjoy. You can surf the dunes on a sandboard or go camel riding. Adults can also enjoy a variety of activities like shopping, sightseeing, water sports, and a lot more.

Shopper’s Paradise

If you’re a shopper, like us, then Dubai is the perfect vacation spot for you. During our trip we went to a large number of malls and even then it felt like we had barely scraped the surface of the long list of malls. Some of the most memorable malls the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta Mall. Furthermore, the Dubai Shopping Festival, specifically, is a much-awaited event by all shoppers. If your motto is to shop till you drop, trust us, Dubai will be heaven for you.

Culture and History

Dubai offers a lot in terms of modern attractions, however, if you know the right places to visit, you can also glimpse into the culture and history of the city. We had the fortune of seeing the more traditional side of Dubai during our trip. Deira, for instance, is full of traditional markets or souks that sell souvenirs, spices, jewelry, clothes and a lot more. You won’t be disappointed when you visit these markets.

Moreover, we were also able to glimpse into the history of the city by visiting the older district of Al Bastakiya. So, make sure to visit the museum and other cultural sites to discover the roots of Dubai.

Great Food

No trip is fun without food. Given the variety of cultures found within the city, Dubai offers a variety of food cuisines. While there are plenty of luxurious restaurants to please your palate, the local street vendors also offer quite a feast. Along with the local food, we also enjoyed a variety of Yemeni, Iranian, India, Filipino, and even Afghan food. If you’re like us and enjoy trying out various cuisines, Dubai does not disappoint.


In short, Dubai really is the best destination for a vacation. The city offers a variety of different experiences for all its visitors. An adventure awaits you at Dubai, book your vacation now at Trip On Go.

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