Visit To Burj Khalifa

Visit To Burj Khalifa
19 March, 2020

Visit To Burj Khalifa

It might be your first time visiting Dubai or you may be a frequent visitor, either way, your trip won’t feel complete unless you visit the 829.8m long Burj Khalifa. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you need more than a day to complete a Burj Khalifa tour. The structure promises an enjoyable time for all visitors. Reading through our visit to Burj Khalifa with Trip On Go will give you a glimpse of what to expect when you visit the building yourself.

Visit to Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Park

The pleasant sight of the Burj Khalifa Park greeted us as we began our trip from the bottom of the structure. Be it in under the rays of the sun or the beams of the moon, the beauty of the park will not fail to strike. During our visit, we discovered that the design of the Park is based on the desert flower, Hymenocallis. All over the park, on various benches and fences, we were able to identify imitations of the flower.

We found at the center of the park, a large water body, which comprised of a variety of pools and water fountains. We also had the good fortune of being able to witness the famous fountain display in the garden. The fountain display paired with the lights and music is absolutely breathtaking. It’s one of the most mesmerizing sites we’ve witnessed thus far.

Moreover, while strolling along the park we also saw tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a pool. Needless to say, there are plenty of things in the park to keep you entertained.

Dubai Mall

Right beside the park, is the entrance to the Dubai Mall. The mall alone took us more than a day to explore completely. At the base of the Burj Khalifa complex, the mall offers a variety of ways one can entertain themselves.

With over 1200 shops, the Dubai Mall is every shopper's dream come true. We spent a good portion of our time browsing through the shops. This was a good chance for us to purchase a few gifts for friends and family. Tired from the from our shopping endeavor, we took a break to enjoy a nice lunch at the restaurants and cafes in the mall. There are a variety of cuisines to choose from, so we were able to enjoy ourselves fully.

Given that the mall is built for the convenience of visitors, it has over 14,000 spaces for parking with valets. This way you can enjoy shopping without worrying about your car. If you’re like us and don’t have a car during your trip, worry not. Not only does the metro directly opens into the mall, but there’s a taxi stand located near the mall too, so transport is readily available. A little tip from us, if you’re on a budget and want to avoid spending too much money, the metro is a great option. Moreover, you can use the money that you saved to get gifts. That’s what we did!

Dubai Aquarium

We couldn’t leave without visiting one of the largest indoor aquariums.The children with us particularly enjoyed looking at all the fish as we walked through the long two hundred and seventy-degree glass tunnel of the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre. From tiny clownfish to large sharks, we discovered that over 33,000  marine creatures inhabited the tank.

Walking through the underwater zoo was a learning experience for us as well. Turtles, crabs, starfishes, you name it! We saw them all. It’s a great spot for all animal lovers. We were also informed that the Aquarium has one of the biggest acrylic panels in the world. In addition to all the other things, the way the aquarium imitated the natural ocean floor, added to its appeal and made it worth the visit.

SEGA Republic

Walking  in with the impression that the mini-theme park is designed for kids, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that it caters to both kids and adults. Some of the iconic and memorable features of the park include a sonic hopper, spin coaster, and the spin gear. We feel the free-fall experience deserves a special mention as we were able to enjoy an out of the planet experience, without leaving the planet!

With over 150 games and fun attractions to enjoy, we had an amazing time. The SEGA Republic is open to visitors daily between 10 am to 1 am. So, be sure to drop by for a visit.

Reel Cinema

We specifically made space in our schedule so we could visit the THX-certified Reel Cinema. With more than twenty-two screens, it is one of the largest Cineplex in Dubai. You can enjoy the latest blockbusters at the cineplex. We decided to enjoy our movie in comfy recliner seats and booked seats in one of the luxurious cinemas. Alternatively, you can also book regular seats for 2D and 3D movies.

Observation Deck - 125th and 124th Floor

Lastly, our trip couldn’t end without a visit to the top floors of Burj Khalifa. We ascended to the iconic skyscraper and had the chance to enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree view of the magnificent city. In addition, we also managed to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Dubai Fountains from the top.

We advise you to book your tickets well in advance, as it can get hectic during the weekends.


Has the insight on Burj Khalifa made you want to visit the place? Really want to cross it off your bucket list? Take our advice, explore Burj Khalifa with Trip On Go. Book your trip now and enjoy a hassle-free Burj Khalifa tour.

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